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DALINE-10 ‒ Miniature Dark Light sophistication


The LEDiL indoor portfolio boasts a broad selection of Dark Light solutions known for their exceptional eye comfort and captivating aesthetics. Within this collection lies our highly acclaimed DAISY family, available in diverse form factors and colours, offering creative freedom to fashionable luminaires. As the compact counterpart to DAISY, DAISY-MINI has made its mark, and now, pushing the boundaries further, we introduce DALINE, the newest addition to our Dark Light family. Perfectly suited for miniature architectural lighting designs, DALINE brings forth a solution that combines sophistication with efficiency.

With a width of just 12.5 mm, DALINE-10 is four times smaller than its counterpart DAISY, while delivering the same premium low-glare illumination as other members of LEDiL Dark Light families. Offering a comprehensive range of beams, DALINE-10 emerges as the perfect solution for various architectural lighting requirements, particularly in spaces where compact, elegant, and low-glare lighting is essential. This makes DALINE-10 an ideal choice for trendy applications such as wooden ceilings, acoustic panels, under-cabinet displays, cove lights and mini track systems.

DALINE-10 is designed for seamless compatibility with the LINDA-10 platform, offering effortless luminaire customisation. In the example below, the LEDiL microtrack lighting system features linear solutions incorporating DALINE-10 and LINDA-10, along with a pendant luminaire featuring TINA-Y and a track light featuring YASMEEN-35.


SHD1 or SHD2?

One DALINE-10 set comprises two lenses and one shade, which need to be ordered separately. Shades are available in black and white with a matt finish. There are two types of shades: SHD1 with a short position pin and SHD2 with a long position pin. SHD1 is optimised for 0.8 mm thick profiles, while SHD2 is designed for 1.6 mm thick profiles. Each shade requires its own profile with a suitable-sized PCB slot.

Since mid-power (MP) LEDs are higher than CSP LEDs, it’s important to utilise SHD2 with a long position pin and a specific profile to uphold the desired height for the lens focal point.

DALINE-10 is optimised for 1717 CSP LEDs and is compatible with up to 2835 MP LEDs. Supporting 8‒10 mm PCBs, DALINE-10 proves to be an effective solution when utilised with suitable aluminum extrusion profiles.


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