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Aimtec Launches 2 New Medical Grade AC/DC Converter Series: 600 and 1000W of Power!


Aimtec is proud to bolster its medical offering with 2 new high power enclosed AC/DC converters offering 2 X MOPP with power factor correction. They also come standard with an input voltage range of up to 277VAC and a regulated output voltage range from 12V to 48V and up to 54V for the 1000W model. For more versatility, these power supplies also include a 5V DC auxiliary output.

The AMESP600-MNZ and AMESP1000-MNZ offer standard operating temperatures from -40℃ to 70℃ with full power up to 50℃ and also feature an isolation of 4000VAC for improved reliability and system safety. Furthermore, a high MTBF of over 300,000h, output short circuit protection (OSCP), output over-current protection (OCP), output over-voltage protection (OVP) and over-temperature protection (OTP) come standard with the series. The 600W models have a max capacitive load of 50,000uF and the 1000W models have a max capacitive load of up to 40,000uF.

Unique to the AMESP1000-MNZ, the ability to communicate via I2C protocol is included. These new medical grade series are  suitable for grid power, ATM machines, instrumentation, industrial controls, telecommunication and medical equipment applications.

For information regarding these new series, visit or have a look at datasheets here: