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Comet Electronics introduces the new XLamp® High Current LED Array CMT series from CREE


The new series which extends the portfolio of metal-based „chip-on-bоard” (COB) solutions. The CMT matrix offers up to 45% density of the luminous flux and up to 17% higher efficiency.

The innovative technology used in the new series offers greater reliability at high operating current compared to competitors` COB solutions. With more than 6000 hours of laboratory LM-80 test, the series allows manufacturers to upgrade their designs and meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.


  • 10 power varieties;
  • Three LES sizes - 9.8mm; 14.5mm и 22mm;
  • Three sizes of the pad - 13.35x13.35mm; 18.85x18.85mm; 27.85x27.85mm;
  • Color temperature range 2700-6500K;
  • CRI options - 70, 80, 90 and premium 98;
  • Optimized for best-in-class lumen output, efficacy and reliability at high drive currents.


  • Street lighting;
  • Industrial lighting;
  • Office lighting;
  • „Down light and High/low bay light.

For additional information: XLamp CMT Feature Sheet.pdf (666Kb)


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