Kontakt Chemie now in Romania through Comet Electronicss


Starting on 1st of November, Comet Electronics is official distributor for all products made by CRC Industries Group under the brand name Kontakt Chemie. 

KONTAKT CHEMIE has been known for decades for high quality and effective products. KONTAKT CHEMIE is market leader in electronic sprays.

You can order any item produced by APS through our partner in Romania - Comet Electronics.

KONTAKT CHEMIE – this are today more than 60 prodcuts in around 120 different bulk sizes, differentiated in the following product lines:
  • Conductive Coatings

  • Contact-Sprays

  • Duster Sprays

  • Electronic Cleaners

  • Freeze-Sprays

  • Lubricants for precision mechanics

  • Products for PCB

  • Screen + Surface Cleaner

  • Others